Pastor Trent Morgan & Family

pastor tren┬áTrent has been involved with ministry all of his life. His dad, mom, and siblings became full time evangelists in 1987 when he was 9 years old. They traveled across the nation holding revivals and playing music for the Lord. After much hard work and practice sessions, Trent became one of the best drummers you could find. As Trent grew in the natural, the Lord was maturing him to become heavily anointed in the Spirit. While many people have found Trent to be very quiet and reserved at first, they can’t believe what he has become because of the anointing. When people describe the style of ministry Pastor Trent brings forth, the one word they always seem to find is “passionate”. You will find that Pastor Trent is very quick to give God the glory for everything good that comes out of his and his family’s lives and ministry. He knows that without the Lord he can do nothing but through Him anything is possible.

Pastor Trent’s wife Charissa has become a great musician since marrying into The Morgan Family. Together, Trent and Charissa make one of the strongest and most anointed gospel teams in ministry today. Pastor Trent and Charissa are the Lead Pastors of Grace Community Church in Salem, Missouri and are doing an amazing job. You can visit their church webpage at

Pastor Trent and Charissa’s three children, Autumn, Kole, and Skyler are following in their parent’s footsteps, playing music, loving Jesus, and having fun growing up in a Christian home.